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GutterJet Pressure Washer Attachment

Effortlessly Clean Your Gutters with Tool Daily Gutter Cleaner Attachment - 4 Nozzle Tips, 1/4 Inch Quick Connect, and 4000 PSI Power!

- High pressure: The attachment is designed to work with pressure washers up to 4000 PSI. This high pressure ensures that the gutters are thoroughly cleaned and all debris is removed.
- Versatile: The Tool Daily Gutter Cleaner Attachment for Pressure Washer is versatile and can be used for other cleaning tasks such as cleaning roofs, walls, and other hard-to-reach areas. This makes it a great investment for homeowners who want to keep their homes clean and well-maintained.

The Tool Daily Gutter Cleaner Attachment is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their gutters clean and free of debris. This attachment is designed to be used with a pressure washer, and comes with four different nozzle tips to make cleaning as easy and efficient as possible. With a quick-connect design that fits any 1/4 inch pressure washer wand, this attachment is easy to use and can handle up to 4000 PSI of pressure. The four nozzle tips allow you to adjust the water flow and pressure to suit your needs, whether you're cleaning out leaves and debris or blasting away stubborn dirt and grime. Overall, the Tool Daily Gutter Cleaner Attachment is a versatile and effective tool that can help you keep your gutters in top shape all year round.