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Xiny Power Washer Wand with 10 Pack Upgrade and 5 Nozzle Tips

Upgrade Your Power Washing Game with Xiny Tool's 10 Pack Pressure Washer Extension Wand Set - Reach Every Nook and Cranny with 5 Atomization Nozzle Tips, Gutter Cleaner Attachment and 4000 PSI Power!

- Enhanced Cleaning Power: The pressure washer extension wand is designed to increase the cleaning power of your pressure washer, making it easier to remove stubborn dirt and grime from surfaces. The 5 atomization nozzle tips provide different spray patterns for different cleaning tasks, giving you more control over the cleaning process.
- Durable and High-Quality: The Xiny Tool Pressure Washer Extension Wand is made of high-quality materials that are designed to withstand high pressure and last for a long time. Th

The Xiny Tool Pressure Washer Extension Wand is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to upgrade their power washing game. With a pack of 10 upgrade power washer lances and 5 atomization nozzle tips, this wand is designed to deliver maximum cleaning power. The 30° and 90° nozzles are perfect for reaching tight spaces and corners, while the 1 gutter cleaner attachment curved rod is ideal for cleaning gutters and downspouts. The 1/4 quick connect feature allows for easy attachment to your pressure washer, and with a maximum pressure of 4000 PSI, you can be sure that this wand will get the job done quickly and efficiently. Whether you're a professional cleaner or a DIY enthusiast, the Xiny Tool Pressure Washer Extension Wand is a great investment that will make your cleaning tasks easier and more effective.