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POOPLE 12FT Telescoping Gutter Cleaner with Copper Attachment

Clean Your Gutters with Ease: POOPLE Telescoping Gutter Cleaning Tools - The Ultimate Solution for a Spotless Home!

- Easy to use: These gutter cleaning tools are designed to be easy to use, even for those who have never cleaned gutters before. The simple design and easy-to-follow instructions make it easy to get started and get the job done quickly and efficiently.
- Saves time and money: By using these telescoping gutter cleaning tools, you can save time and money on professional gutter cleaning services. This allows you to maintain your gutters and keep them clean and free of debris wit

Cleaning gutters can be a daunting task, especially when you have to climb up a ladder to reach them. Fortunately, POOPLE has come up with a solution to this problem with their telescoping gutter cleaning tools. These tools are designed to make cleaning gutters from the ground much easier and safer. The metal hose extension wand is 12 feet long, allowing you to reach even the most hard-to-reach areas of your gutters. The copper garden hose attachment makes it easy to connect the tool to your garden hose for easy water flow. With these telescoping gutter cleaning tools from POOPLE, you can keep your gutters clean and free of debris without putting yourself in harm's way.